About me

Oh hey!

You can call me Pixel or Taylor (she/her). I have existed on this planet for 23 years!

I am a college student. I major in Digital Media and I am interested in animation and graphic design!! I've been learning about 3d animation but i really want to learn about 2d animation too!

As you can probably figure out i make art. these days i usually make digital art but occasionally i will make some traditional art too! ive been drawing for as long as i can remember, pretty much.

I made this website as a way for me to share my drawings and put them out into the world! and because social media is kind of scary. and also because i really like the creative aspect of neocities!!

My favorite...

series: Invader ZIM, The Owl House, Sam and Max: Freelance Police, Centaurworld, Spongebob Squarepants

games: the Kingdom Hearts series, Hollow Knight, Pokemon (particularly Violet and Mystery Dungeon: Explorers) Klonoa, Cookie Run (Ovenbreak and Kingdom), Twisted Wonderland, Beatmania IIDX, Gitadora, Super Smash Bros(I'm a Sora main), Mario Kart, Animal Crossing (only played new horizons and pocket camp)

music: Fall Out Boy (I've seen them in concert four times!), Blue Stahli, Bring Me the Horizon, Pendulum, Rabbit Junk, Beatmania IIDX soundtrack

colors: Violet, cyan, lime green, black

animals: Cats, dogs, axolotls, red pandas, bats, servals, snow leopards, sand cats

miscellaneous things: