kingdom hearts is my favorite game, ever. I love pretty much the whole series! i love the characters and the story and all the different worlds!

these are a few little kh doodles from early 2022 ish. i like drawing characters in my funky little art style

the one in the top right corner is a little crossover drawing, from another Disney game called Twisted Wonderland. if youre unfamiliar, basically there are a bunch of characters based off of disney villains! its pretty cool and they made an english version released in 2022 so i recommend checking it out!

we also got sora in the world of luca as a sea monster! i loved luca and i think it should be in kingdom hearts 4:D

and then we got stitch. my favorite disney character. he has four arms so, four keyblades. quadruple-wielding those keyblades. He'd be unstoppable.